Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel – a unique enzymatic process efficiently converting low-grade waste oils into high-quality biodiesel.

Green City turns waste liabilities into energy assets by replacing chemicals used in the production of biodiesel with revolutionary, ultra-efficient enzyme technology.

A revolutionary enzymatic catalyst and tailored processors produce high-quality biodiesel which meets all international specifications no matter what the feedstock is, or how high the free fatty acid content. Unlike other waste-to-fuel companies, our process of making biodiesel from waste greases is quicker, cheaper and has fewer steps than even an average first-generation biofuel plant.

Trans esterification is a chemical process in which natural oils react with alcohol, which separates the glycerin from the oil. The resulting methyl ester is what we commonly call biodiesel. Such a reaction requires a catalyst and heat to get going.

The significant advantage of the technology is the ability to use waste as feedstock, such cannot be used for any purpose, at best these waste goes to landfills, and other times just pollute the environment.

By using our revolutionary innovative technology we are able to convert it into renewable fuel.

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