Odessa Investment Conference

Odessa is the first Ukrainian region setting an example by implementing a set of reforms aimed at attracting direct investments in its infrastructure, ports, IT-sphere, agriculture, tourism and energy industry. To facilitate such investments and provide for an open platform to share ideas and concerns, an International Investment Conference “New Ukraine” under the authority of Odesa Regional State Administration took part in Odessa on the 10th of September, 2015.  The conference was in part sponsored by Tricoastal Horizons OÜ.  A number of major investment players from Europe, United States and Israel attended the conference together with Ukrainian business leaders and politicians. Tricoastal Horizons OÜ presented its vision of Odessa region development and introduced a unified grid of bio-energy projects coupled with a unique port servicing technology in association with Green Marine AS.

Mikheil Saakashvili, Governor of Odessa State Regional Administration during his speech reassured that he and his team efforts will be directed at creating favorable conditions for business activity in Odessa region. “Within this year we are planning to attract about 3 billion of investments into Odesa region. In order to facilitate this process we continue to fight with corruption, because it’s the main reason why there is no inflow of high profile investments into the country!”

During the conference, a Memorandum on Cooperation was signed by and between Tricoastal Horizons, Green Marine AS and Odessa State Administration, creating a framework for future projects between Odesa and Tallinn ports.

The next meeting in the form of a round table is scheduled for November 19, 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia. It will be aimed at further development of cooperation between Odesa and Tallinn ports and will establish a direct and dynamic communication  channel between Ukrainian and Estonian government officials.