Tel-Aviv Investment Conference

On August 20, 2015 Tel Aviv welcomed investors, business leaders and politicians from many countries for another “NEW Ukraine 2015” investment conference under the title On The Road: Milk & Honey, which was held along with Odessa State Administration.

It set the vision on the future development of Ukraine-Israel relationship, starting from Odessa region in Ukraine. The conference was sponsored by Tricoastal Horizons OU, Sayenko Kharenko law firm, AEG-Active Energy Group, and VYSK. The representatives of Mr. Saakashvili administration have presented their views and visions on the further development of the region.

TriCoastal Horizons OU not only co-sponsored but actively participated in the evnt, introducing three projects with great potential in Ukraine,  and now we are looking forward to a final conference in Odessa which will take place September, 9-11.

The aim of the 2-part conference is to develop deeper collaboration with Odessa region and introduce a NEW region of Ukraine showcasing how the new administration of Odessa is open and focused on improvement of the investment climate in the region. After Tel Aviv, final conference in Odessa will summarize and emphasize the important role of the development of Odessa region as an open-state for international projects and investments.