Solar energy offers power without the need to burn fossil fuels.

Green Marine

Integrated waste management solution protecting marine ecology coupled with a processing complex for oil-polluted water.

Bio Coal

Green, renewable and sustainable direct biomass replacement of conventional coal.

Bio Diesel

A unique enzymatic process efficiently converting low-grade waste oils into high-quality biodiesel.


An unlimited source of clean energy from deep underground hot rock layers and geothermal reservoirs.

EU renewable energy news

  • News from the European Commission
- European Commission

Today, the European Commission has approved an investment worth over €55 million from the European Regional Development Fund

- European Commission

Would you like to have a quick and interactive overview of energy prices in Europe? Are you interested in how prices in your country differ from others?

- European Commission

The European Commission has opened a consultation on proposed electricity market reforms in Bulgaria, open until 11 February 2021

- European Commission

A new peer-learning programme aimed at helping towns, cities, regions and provinces learn from each other on city-level energy and climate actions

- Georgi Gotev

Companies producing Covid-19 vaccines "must deliver", EU chief Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday (26 January) as tensions mounted between her European Commission and pharmaceutical firms over delayed deliveries.

- Georgi Gotev

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has resigned Tuesday (26 January) in the hope of forming a new government after weeks of turmoil in his ruling coalition, leaving Italy rudderless as it battles the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

- Philipp Grüll

Am Mittwoch soll die deutsche Umsetzung der europäischen Urheberrechts-Reform vom Kabinett genehmigt werden. Die finale Version, die EURACTIV Deutschland vorliegt, stärkt noch einmal Urheber und Verlage.

- Evi Kiorri, Vlagyiszlav Makszimov

As the EU economy reels from the pandemic, forecasts suggest that unemployment rates across the bloc may hit their peak this year. At the same time, some 20% of firms foresee a permanent reduction in employment, according to the European Investment Bank's (EIB) investment report published last Thursday (21 January).

- Kira Taylor

Climate change will be key to the review of the European Central Bank's policy, its president, Christine Lagarde, announced on Monday (25 January), marking a possible shift towards 'greener' monetary policy.